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The Sale of Data: Learning Synergies Before M&As

Working Paper
Antoine Dubus, Patrick Legros
CEPR DP 17404, June 2022
Publication year: 2022

Cheap Talk is not Cheap: Free versus Costly Communication

Working Paper
Hamid Aghadadashli, Georg Kirchsteiger, Patrick Legros
CEPR DP 15843
Publication year: 2021

Let's Collude

Working Paper
Hamid Agadadashli, Patrick Legros
CEPR DP 13954, 25 August 2020
Publication year: 2020

Local Search Markets and External Competition

Working Paper
Patrick Legros, Konrad Stahl
CEPR DP 13764
Publication year: 2019

The Top-Ten Way to Integrate High Schools

Working Paper
Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, Andrew Newman
revision of CEPR DP11910
Publication year: 2018

Come Together: Firm Boundaries and Delegation

Working Paper
Laura Alfaro, Nicholas Bloom, Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger, Patrick Legros, Andrew F. Newman, Raffaella Sadun, John Van Reenen
CEPR DP 12923, May 2018; NBER WP 24603, May 2018; ECARES WP 2018-11
Publication year: 2018

College Diversity and Investment Incentives

Working Paper
Thomas Gall, Patrick Legros, Andrew Newman
this version supersedes CEPR DP 10337, January 2015 (
Publication year: 2017

Interference Contracts and Authority with Insecure Communication

mimeoWorking Paper
Patrick Legros, Andrew Newman
mimeo ECARES
Publication year: 1999

Strongly Durable Allocations

mimeoWorking Paper
Patrick Legros
mimeo, 1990
Publication year: 1990