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Welcome to my web site. I am a Professor of Economics at Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium) and do research at ECARES. My research interests are in theory of contracts, microeconomics, industrial organization, competition policy and regulation. I have taught courses in intermediate and graduate microeconomics, intermediate and graduate industrial organization and antitrust, graduate courses in contract theory. A full vita is available here. See my research page or Repec for my bibliography.

I have been an editor and I am currently the managing editor of the Journal of Industrial Economics. Quality papers in industrial organisation and regulation, both empirical and theoretical, are extremely welcome at the journal. In particular, we do our best to provide very fast first-round responses. This reflects the journal's desire to be very author-friendly, particularly for junior faculty.

My research interests are in applied microeconomic, with an emphasis on contract theory, industrial organization, information economics. Some of my recent work uses matching models to understand the effects of educational policies for human capital accumulation and also the interaction between the labor and education markets. My past and current research activities have been essentially concentrated on the following subjects:

  • Contract theory: endogenous contract choices in markets with heterogenous agents; moral hazard in teams; design of debt contracts under renegotiation
  • Industrial organization: vertical integration and contracting; regulation of network industries; antitrust; choice of varieties in local markets facing global competition; performance of standard setting organizations
  • Matching : assortative matching under non-transferabilities; investment and matching
  • Education : affirmative action policies, education investment.
  • Mechanism design: imperfect communication technology, renegotiation
  • Cooperative game theory: cost allocation; formation and stability of syndicates

by Dr. Radut